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One Shade App : Notifications Bar Changer & Quick Settings

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Hello friends, come back today! Today we can see about a great application in the Play Store, the name of the application One Shade App.

A One Shade App will give you a new horizon. Here, it gives you the best freedom to edit and reinstall every skin on your Android device to make it unique and different. Additionally, you can create dynamic notifications in it, constantly updating and giving you information every second. You can use this app to create unique and attractive things for your android mobile right now.

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At the end of this page I will give you the link to get One Shade App : Notifications Bar Changer & Quick Settings, you can click on that link and easily download one shade application.

Notification Bar with a One Shade Version

You might be too lazy to use the old notification bar on your phone, don’t worry; Use this One Shade to present new and modern versions of notifications. Everyone has a different view, so creating a new notification interface depends on editing and their design. If you are an innovative, creative user, bring better and more valuable results from scratch yourself.

One Shade App

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Fast Response to Every Message

One Shade app will display a message in the toolbar every time someone sends you message information. Hence, one shade app allows you to reply to all messages as quickly as possible. Besides, this applies to all Android smartphones, so don’t ignore this super useful feature if you’re using Android. Thanks a lot for that, you will never be late for information and it helps you delay the most important messages in a second.

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Choose a Nice Wallpaper

Phone screen wallpaper shows the personality of every person very clearly. You have a generous right to choose the photos you want to set as your wallpaper. In addition, you can use some additional features like reading news, getting information or you can remove it freely. Also, with skilled skills and vast knowledge, you can choose a topic to update users with more detailed information.

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One Shade App

Arrange a Fitness Layout

A shadow gives you different tile icons like circle, square, teardrop,… and many new shapes. Besides, you can explicitly install and change the grid layout to reset the number of columns and rows. Not only that, you can also adjust the brightness slider color to help users drag themselves to the best brightness.

One Shade App

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Features of One Shade App

You should add your personal touch to the standard layout.

★ To receive it, you must choose to read or ignore it.

★ Best Music: Depending on the cover, many colors will change. The progress bars in this notification’s progress bar allow you to jump back and forth between tracks.

★ You respond promptly to communications. For Android platform.

★ Are you annoyed when only one app keeps sending you notifications? Now they’re all in this notification bar so you can get to them quickly.

★ Choose a background image of your choice.

★ Light: This contains the regular alerts you receive.

★ In the case of color notification, the background color of the card should best match the color of the notification.

★ On a black background, all alerts are displayed (very good on AMOLED screens).

★ Very fast control window

★ Add color to the background or foreground of the Quick Settings panel (icon).

To color the brightness slider.

★ Contains great useful icons with information about your device.

★ You select your picture from your profile to use these as shadow.

★ It includes a variety of tile icon shapes (circle, square, teardrop, gradients and more).

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