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Notisave App – Save Notifications and Read Messages Offline

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Hello friends, come back today! Today we can see about a great application in the Play Store, the name of the application Notisave.

This Notisave app makes it very easy to manage all notifications, alerts and incoming messages sent by apps installed on your Android device. If you usually have a lot of notifications and are looking for a way to read messages from the notification shade, this app will help you in the best way and control your notifications.

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How to Use Notisave App

Open this app and you first need to choose which apps to add to the app’s notification management system, and then you can choose whether or not individual apps send notifications. If you enable notifications, whenever you receive an incoming message, alert or other notification, you can easily access it from the Notisave app or from the customized notifications shade.

Notisave App

Another great feature of this tool app is that it allows users to read the messaging service in a very easy way without marking it as read. For example, you can read all your WhatsApp or Telegram messages without activating read receipts or turning the two check marks on the messages to blue. This app makes it possible to save notifications for later, so they no longer appear in your notification bar, and you can read or respond to them when you get them. You can customize all your notifications yourself using this Notisave App.

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★ Has a simple interface.
★ Very easy to read.
★ Very easy to manage.

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Notisave App

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Main Features of Notisave

  • Auto-save notifications are displayed in the Noti-bar
  • Keep your noti bar clean
  • Easily search for notifications from all your apps at once.

Notisave supports WhatsApp and other messengers.

  • Automatically saves new messages
  • Automatically saves images from messengers
  • WhatsApp automatically saves status

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