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NotifyBuddy App – Set LED Notification Light On Your Android

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Hello friends, come back today! Today we can see about a great application in the Play Store, the name of the application NotifyBuddy App – LED Notification Light.

Your Android phone has notification settings like when a friend or any person sends a message on your phone. So you get notifications that play a simple notification tone. Because today I am going to teach you about one such app. It’s a different app. You can download this NotifyBuddy – AMOLED Notification Light app on your mobile. So when you get any notification on your Android phone, the LED notification light will be bright on your screen. It is very beautiful and awesome.

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NotifyBuddy App

Within this app, you can find many colors. You can choose the color of your choice and add your notification LED light. Here you will get lots of notification colors inside this app. You can select your favorite color from it. So let’s know full details about this app now so that you can use this app very easily and add LED light to your notification and colors as per your choice.

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What is NotifyBuddy – LED Notification Light App?

It is very best and cool notification led app. So you can download this app and add LED light to your notification. That is, whenever a notification comes into your Android phone, this app will show LED light on your screen. This app has many colors. You can add any color you want to the notification LED light.

NotifyBuddy App

How to Use NotifyBuddy – LED Notification Light App?

If you want to use this app then firstly click on below given download button and download this app on your mobile.

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After that, you install and open this application.

After that, you will see the arrow option in front of you there, then click on it.

Do you want to give a little permission then?

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After that, all the apps will appear on your screen. So you need to animalize the application you want to light up the LED notification light.

If you want to change the color of the light then you need to type the name of the application and choose the color of the light and click on the confirmation option there.

After you click the confirmation option, your light color will be set automatically.

Now you will get notification option below. You have to go there and you can set the LED animation time and flashing interval yourself. How many times you want to set for animation and blinking?

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Whenever there is a message notification on your screen, the LED light will turn on on your Android phone. It looks very nice. 

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