Mi Control Center App – Notifications and Quick Actions


Hello friends, come back today! Today we can see about a great application in the Play Store, the name of the application Mi Control Center App. It is a great app that helps you change your Android phone’s control center to MIUI and iOS themes quickly and very easily.

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At the end of this page I will give you the link to get Mi Control Center App, you can click on that link and easily download it.

Mi Control Center App

Setting up your Android smartphone to your liking is not always possible because by default, it has some settings that cannot be changed.

However, with Mi Control Center App, you can adjust all the features of your Control Center however you want, remove or add more as you need.

How to Use Mi Control Center App

After installing Mi Control Center App, you have to accept all the permissions requested in it one by one.

After that, all the changes you have chosen will be made automatically, including how fast your notifications arrive, the basic color of your Android smartphone’s design and the appearance of your icons, which can be changed to circles, squares or gradients, among others, are possibilities. You can send replies right from here after viewing your messages, or you can change the arrangement of your icons, fonts and colors.

Mi Control Center App

Mi Control Center App is the best personalization app tool that helps you change the default look and inner workings of your Android phone quickly and very easily.

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