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Hyde App Hider – Hide Apps for Android 2023

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About Hyde App Hider – Hide Apps

Hyde App Hider – Hide Apps – Easy way to hide APPS on your phone in a safe and private place!

Hide apps in two clicks!

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Looking for an app to hide apps? You just found the solution – Hide App Hider – Hide Apps Tool!

Hyde App Hider - Hide Apps for Android 2023

Secure Folder

Hide – Free App Hider hides apps, photos, videos, WhatsApp or any other app you want in a hidden app vault!

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A very simple yet amazingly efficient hide tool Ultimate App Hider! Hiding apps isn’t always easy. That’s why protecting your privacy is essential.

Hide apps and protect your privacy

A secure and private app hider for apps like Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Gallery. You can hide the Hyde app so no one knows Hyde is installed. It’s time to make your phone truly private and let phone users see only what you want them to see.

Hyde App Hider - Hide Apps for Android 2023

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How to use App Hider

  • Double tap on the screen and use pattern lock to hide an app.
  • To hide secret apps, double tap the screen and draw your pattern lock.
  • When you hide the app for the first time and open the launcher and select the app, it will ask you to set a pattern. This method can be changed later.
  • You don’t need to do extra work to hide apps. Select the app shown in Hyde Apps. It will automatically hide the Hyde app as well.

Hide apps in hidden folder within two seconds. Your privacy is your choice. Hyde Free App Hider – Safe and easy way to hide apps instantly!

Hyde’s Smart Use Cases – Hide Apps Tool

  • Hide photos and videos from strangers or friends listening to your phone.
  • Hide apps and important information
  • Hide games or applications from your children
  • Hide apps with payment information

With our hide apps tool, you can hide our app and users will never know what apps you have hidden.

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Now it’s time to make your phone 100% private and hide apps in your app vault. Hiding apps has never been easier – Hide is the ultimate tool for instantly hiding apps and other media!

Hyde App Hider - Hide Apps for Android 2023

Download Hidden App Launcher and hide/unhide apps with double tap and your pattern lock!

Powerful utility concealer

Hide became a default tool for hiding apps in history on Android devices. Hyde has so many features that it has earned nicknames from our awesome users: Hidden App Launcher, Hide Apps Tool, Hide Photos & Videos, Hidden Folder or Free App Hider. Whatever you call it, once you download & install Hyde app hider, you’ll get a smart tool to help protect your privacy and hide your apps, photos, videos, and more!

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