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Find Location By Phone Number APK 2023

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About Find Location By Phone Number APK

Walloc – Auto-reply with your latest GPS location via WhatsApp on a specific WhatsApp message.

NOTE: The app must be installed on the target device and must be.

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Find Location By Phone Number APK

Walloc can be used for several reasons

Family Location

Each family member can install the app, define a specific message to which Walloc will automatically reply with the current location via WhatsApp.

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Phone Location

Find your lost device from any device (laptops, iPhones, etc.) using WhatsApp

Find Location By Phone Number APK

Car Location

If your car has a built-in Android system, you can install the app there, define a specific message and Walloc will reply via WhatsApp with the latest location whenever that message is sent.

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Walloc returns the device’s location to a specific WhatsApp message you define and sends a location URL through WhatsApp that displays the device’s location on Google Maps.

Find Location By Phone Number APK

  • Automatically provides location in a particular WhatsApp message
  • Provides device battery level and/or network signal quality with location (configurable).
  • Battery Friendly App – Does not use any battery power

It’s so simple you’ll be surprised.

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Find Location By Phone Number APK

So why wait?
Find what you need with Walloc – GPS Locator for WhatsApp


  • Install the app on the device to be discovered
  • Open the app and create a message trigger that prompts the app to automatically send the device’s last location via WhatsApp
  • Send a message to that device via WhatsApp and get the location back.

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Privacy & Security

  • We neither store nor collect your data.
  • We believe in transparency and honesty.
  • Location transfer via WhatsApp over secure (encrypted) channels.
  • We do not transmit your data to our servers. We don’t have access to your entries. Also, no other third-party app can read your data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I did all the steps but I didn’t get any location through WhatsApp, why?
A: We recommend you check the following:
– Since the message trigger is case sensitive, make sure you send the same message to that device.

– When you receive a message through WhatsApp, the app will read the device’s notifications – make sure the device is actually receiving WhatsApp notifications.

– Make sure you have enabled all relevant app permissions like storage and location. You can check it by going to app permission settings from your android settings screen.

Q: I get the message “space not found”, what to do?
A: Make sure you select Background location from Android settings to “Allow all time” for the app so it can receive location updates while running in the background.

Q: I’m getting the location back but it’s not accurate – is it possible to update it?
A: As the app relies on the device’s last known location, it must send the most recent accurate location – if the location is not accurate, make sure location is enabled.

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