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File Recovery – Photo Recovery for Android 2023

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About File Recovery – Photo Recovery

File Recovery – Photo Recovery – Want to recover deleted photos and videos? Try all mobile file recovery for free! This simple file recovery app can instantly recover deleted photos, video audio and other files from your device or SD card. No root required!

It is very easy to use, you just tap the scan button and all recovery will automatically search and find all deleted and lost files on the device. Then, you can choose to restore them immediately or delete them permanently.

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With a quick deep scan feature and advanced file recovery algorithm, All Recovery ensures that you can easily find and restore any deleted files you want, even if you format your device. File recovery has never been so easy!

Why Choose All Recovery?

  • Delete and recover deleted photos, videos and audio in one click.
  • No Blur – Restore deleted photos and videos to original quality.
  • Quick Deep Scan – Never miss any deleted or hidden files on your device.
  • Powerful Filters – Filter files by date, size and folder to find your target quickly
  • Delete Permanently – Delete files completely to ensure your data is not leaked
  • Package recovery
  • No root required
  • Simple, easy to use
  • No internet required

Deleted Photo Recovery: If you’re looking for a full-featured photo recovery app, All Recovery is your best option! A file recovery app that helps you recover deleted photos with just one click.

Deleted Video Recovery: Accidentally deleted a precious memory? do not worry! All recoveries will help you recover deleted videos instantly! All recently deleted videos, hidden videos can be recovered quickly.

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Deleted Audio Recovery: You can also use this file recovery application to recover deleted audio. Scan all deleted audio files on your device, quickly filter target files, and complete file recovery in seconds.

Delete Permanently: After scanning all deleted files, you can recover deleted photos, videos and audio or permanently delete files you no longer need. Note that permanently deleted files cannot be recovered.

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File Recovery - Photo Recovery for Android 2023

Easily manage recovered files: All recovered files are organized in a dedicated folder where you can easily view, share or delete them at any time.

Stop searching aimlessly for a photo recovery app, download All Recovery now! It’s like a recycle bin that helps you get back lost files with just one click. Data recovery has never been easier!

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