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BNESIM: eSIM card, Mobile Data (Free Call)

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BNESIM: Your Virtual Internet & Telecom/Service Provider allows you to access international numbers while traveling internationally without incurring roaming charges.

2019, 2020 World’s Leading Travel Communications Provider – World Travel Awards

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With our customers in the US, UK and other 200+ countries consuming over 120 terabytes of cellular data every month, BNESIM is the network solution that connects travelers, remote workers, nomadic entrepreneurs and devices. Think of us as your affordable one-stop virtual SIM and communication solution. If you’re here to make and receive calls, join a conference call and unlock mobile data transfer in 200+ countries without roaming charges.

Instantly create your virtual tax account to access all of BNESIM’s core SIMcard and phone service offerings. Upgrade anytime from the comfort of your home or abroad.

Key Reasons to Use BNESIM Mobile Service App

Instant calling card delivery and home internet connectivity.

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Market with international data plans from many operators, so you can always get favorable eSIM travel data rates and wireless coverage. Unlimited eSIM profiles are available on a single device for unlimited hotspot connectivity. Instantly activate multiple global SIM cards on a single BNESIM account. Travel the world with a global eSIM data plan, use unlimited global SIM plans in Europe, Asia, the US, the UK and the Middle East. BNESIM offers over 160,000 known roaming data plans for global, regional and national usage with no roaming charges!

Call everywhere, pay per minute, at affordable rates.

Pay by the minute, regardless of your location, without roaming charges. With Smart CLI, your calls will be made using the local phone number of the destination country. Get a second SIM – receive or send SMS free of charge.

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Wide range of international mobile numbers.

With BNESIM, you can activate multiple landlines, mobile and toll-free numbers from 100+ countries under one account. Your incoming calls can be stopped straight from BNESIM, desktop phone, voicemail, forwarded to other phone numbers or to a conference room, giving you a real phone experience.

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Inspiring conference rooms.

Schedule a meeting, choose a fancy URL, invite guests, and sync with my calendar. You can access your room through the Virtual SIM app, browser or phone. Add users by calling their phone numbers directly from the room. Share your screen, edit documents together, and live stream your events.

BNESIM: eSIM card, Mobile Data (Free Call)

Protect your browsing from criminals and stay invisible to surveillance attempts with BNE Guard.

A fast and modern VPN that protects your online privacy with reliable and risk-free encryption. It’s simple, slim and battery-friendly. Regain total control and connect reliably from anywhere, anytime.

Want more features? Upgrade to PRO.

Connect your SIP/desktop phone, receive your calls on multiple smart devices without PBX, and make your calls from visible mobile numbers. Advanced voicemail, call reports, global toll free numbers, call blocking and blocking. Welcome to BNE Pro.

Get institutionalized treatment.

All features of Pro plus static and AI IVR, voice and eSIM mobile data plans pool, expanded national coverage, dashboard, virtual PBX, virtual numbers, company phone extensions, fixed and mobile phone integration, application integration and management API.

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